Booking timeframes


Of course I'd say you should book your Florist as soon as you book your venue.  Why? Because due to the nature of the wedding and event industry, it is not uncommon for us to fully book all of the weekends in the most popular months anywhere from 6 months to 1 year in advance. So if you'd love to hire us, please reserve your date ASAP.


Fresh flowers have so many variables when it comes to price, season, color, supply vs demand, and holidays which all affect the Fresh Floral industry. For this reason we offer FREE estimates, we will take into consideration all of these factors based on your wedding floral request. We like to use some really unique blooms so you will never be disappointed!

Deposits & Refunds

Deposits of at least 50% are required in order to reserve your date on our calendar. The deposits are non refundable, however, can be used as a credit with us for a rescheduled, postponed, or entirely new event. The final balance is due at least 2 weeks prior to your event date.  This payment is completely non refundable because your specific floral order has already been placed with our suppliers by this time.


Be sure to see the Notes section of your estimate.  This is where our discounts and current promotional deals will be listed.  They include Military, First Responder, and Early Pay discounts that range between 10%- 20% off.